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How to channel your inner superhero during a job interview

woman opening her shirt like a superhero

We know that job hunting advice tends to be intense and self-serious. Bring your A game! Put on a power suit! Smile — but not too much!

After months of rejection or radio silence, the last thing job seekers need is the voice of a drill sarget telling them to just try harder.

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That’s why, in honor of National Superhero’s Day, we’re taking a more playful approach to job seeking.Monster Career Expert and cartoonist Vicki Salemi gave us her advice on challening your inner superhero duing an interview. Here are her three tips for bringing that Avengers vibe into the office:

Strike a power pose:

“Give yourself that confidence boost before you enter the interview room. It can be something as simple as channeling your inner superhero by standing up straight with your chin held high and hands on each hip, such as is described in Harvard researcher Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk.”

Pick an alias:“Imagine you’re someone who saves the world by conquering evil everyday. Then commit to being that person during the hiring process — not an actual superhero, but someone who’s calm, cool, collected and confident. When I worked in corporate recruiting, candidates with nearly identical resumes triumphed when they approached the interview as if they could not fail.”

Believe in your superpower: “Superheroes don’t meekly wonder if they’ll save the day. They’ll sport that cape and confidently know they will rescue someone in distress. You too should feel like you’re saving an employer from a dire situation, and that without you, they would not be able to survive.”

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