How to get rich

how to get rich

Everyone wants to rake in the big bucks, but there aren’t many people who know how to get there. There is one financial guru, however, who has quite a few tricks up her sleeve.

After finding her 40-year-old self living in a converted garage with a list of issues all centered around one theme — not having enough money — Jen Sincero decided to kick start her quest for a full financial makeover.

The California native began studying money, seeking out self-help seminars and focusing on one goal: getting rich.

Thankfully, her efforts panned out. Her intense search for the answers to her own financial woes helped her to create a successful online business as a life coach, and eventually, led to the writing of her first bestseller, “You Are a Badass.” Now, the 51-year-old has a seven-figure salary and spends her time traveling the world training others on how to transform their bank accounts.

We spoke with Sincero for some tips on being a badass moneymaker:


Shift your perspective

In the beginning, it’s all about thinking positive. Sincero says the only way you can do that is by questioning your negative beliefs about money — and then rewriting them. For her, that meant turning off the broken record that kept repeating, “I can’t afford it.” “I looked at what I was telling myself and was like, ‘Can I really not afford it? What does that even mean?’” she says. “I decided to replace ‘I can’t afford it’ with, ‘I live in an abundant universe and I receive money all the time with great glee.’” And despite the simplistic approach, the concept makes sense. After all, “if you focus on the negative, you will constantly pull into your focus all the things that will prove that you’re correct,” she explains.


Take risks

Many times there are opportunities right in front of us that we blithely ignore because we’re too scared to take the risk, says Sincero. The key to financial success, she believes is being willing to put yourself out there. “When the opportunity arises to ask somebody you’re terrified of for a job, take out a loan to rent out a space for your new business or approach your boss and ask them for a raise — do it,” she says. In other words, aim for things that scare the crap out of you. “If you’re not where you want to be financially, you’ve got to change it up,” says Sincero. “Anything that kicks off some sort of emotional response in you, and is a bit scary, that’s what you want to go for.”


Hang out with the right people

“You should be hanging out with people who have a very positive attitude about money, as opposed to your sad, sad friends who are constantly complaining about how bad the economy is, and how hard it is to make money,” says Sincero. Why? Because you tend to develop the same mind-set as the people you associate with, she explains. While harping on the negative may make for a good venting session, it certainly won’t help you get ahead. Instead, you should be seeking the company of those who are making money and are excited about their financial success. “These people will not only challenge you to up your game, but will also show you what’s possible for you because they’re doing great things,” says Sincero. ​



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