Hurricane Adele is real, guys – Metro US

Hurricane Adele is real, guys

Hurricane Adele is real, guys
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How do you know when your new album is a big deal? When other super-famous artists are arranging their release schedules around you, that’s when. And that’s apparently what’s been happening around the November 20 release of Adele’s latest, “25,” at least according to one music biz insider.

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“The major labels have realized it’s essential they get out any big releases before then because from November 20 it’s likely to be about one woman only,” the anonymous source breathlessly tells MSN. “That’s why Justin Bieber, Kylie Minogue and One Direction are going head-to-head the week before. Usually the record companies would want a No. 1 album with artists that big, but in this case they simply want to get the album out there before Adele.”

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She’s just trying to say hello, guys. Come on.

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