Hyundai joins self-driving car race – Metro US

Hyundai joins self-driving car race

Hyundai joins self-driving car race
REUTERS/Lee Jae-Won/Files

Reuters –Hyundai Motor Co on Tuesday said it aims to commercialize autonomous driving capabilities in some of its cars in 2020, as the South Korean automaker plays catch-up in the increasingly competitive technology.

Car makers such as Mercedes and General Motors Co as well as technology giants like Google Inc and Apple Inc are already developing driverless vehicles which can complete whole journeys without human input.

But some analysts expect self-driving cars will not appear on global markets until the earlyor mid-2020s, partly due to regulatory hurdles.

Hyundai Motor, like other automakers, already has autonomous features in premium vehicles like the Genesis, which can be programmed to hit the brakes when a pedestrian steps out.

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