I told Naomie Harris Danny Boyle is directing ‘James Bond 25’ and she genuinely squealed with excitement – Metro US

I told Naomie Harris Danny Boyle is directing ‘James Bond 25’ and she genuinely squealed with excitement

Naomie Harris and Danny Boyle

Earlier this month I exclusively revealed that Danny Boyle will direct James Bond 25, after the British filmmaker confirmed that was the plan at the premiere for his new show Trust.

But that news clearly bypassed Naomie Harris, who played Eve Moneypenny in both “Skyfall” and “Spectre,” and previously worked with Boyle on “28 Days Later” and “Frankenstein.”

That’s because I was the one to tell the Academy Award nominated actress that Boyle was all but confirmed to oversee “James Bond 25,” news that provoked the “Moonlight” star to genuinely squeal with excitement. Here’s a full transcription of our exchange.

You will reunite with Danny Boyle on “James Bond 25,” too

What! Are you serious?

Have you not heard that he is directing it?

No, I have not. What! That hasn’t been announced has it?

He told me it himself last month at the premiere for “Trust.”

Are you serious? No flipping way. Really? I love Danny. He is amazing. That will be so cool. That will be incredible.

Your excitement has made me even more excited for it.

We are always the last to know. I was on the red carpet for “Spectre” and someone asked, ‘Are you excited that Sam Smith is doing the song?’ I had no idea. I know nothing. I don’t even know when we are shooting. I am running to my manager after this call to find out more, though.

After the excitement subdued I asked Harris what Boyle will bring to the James Bond franchise.

“His vision. He just has such a clear vision about what he wants. And his voice is so unique as a director. And the way he directs with such clarity.”

“It is really beautiful to be a part of. Because sometimes there is some uncertainty about what you are part of and where the journey is ending. But with Danny you are always very clear about that.”

While we wait for further news regarding Danny Boyle and “James Bond 25,” make sure to check to check out Harris’ performance in the bombastic blockbuster “Rampage,” which will be released on April 13.

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