Idiot Lawrence cop cruiser vandals post video online; busted for guns, statutory rape – Metro US

Idiot Lawrence cop cruiser vandals post video online; busted for guns, statutory rape

Idiot Lawrence cop cruiser vandals post video online; busted for guns,
Mass. State Police

Aspiring criminals of the Commonwealth, pay attention: If you find yourself tempted to break into police station parking lot and cause thousands of dollars in damage to cruisers, the primary goal is to not get caught.

Part of not getting caught, alleged delinquent knuckleheads, involves not posting a video of you and your friends breaking the law online.

If being slick isn’t in your playbook, you’re next best bet is to not open the door with a loaded handgun when the police coming knocking.

According to the Massachusetts State Police blog, three people hopped the fence into the rear parking lot of the Lawrence Police station and started jumping and wailing on two Ford Explorer cruisers on Friday night.

The report says that they racked up thousands of dollars in damage in this bold effort to show disdain for law enforcement. The next brazen move was to film this excursion and post it online. Police say they identified one man who appeared to be holding a taser and another using naughty words to express his feelings toward police.

But this strategy did not work well for the suspects in question. It did not take long for Lawrence PD to identify the three suspects and getting a warrant for their arrests was no tall task.

Lawrence Police called up the Massachusetts State Police Violent Fugitive Apprehension Section, and the hunt was on.

The two law enforcement teams rolled up on an apartment on Thornton Street in Lawrence and arrested Efrain Molina, 24, and Juan Ayala, 22.

Next, the teams went down to Haverhill Street, where they knocked on Jhesy Rodriquez’s, 19, door. Police say Rodriguez greeted the officers with a .357 Magnum revolver cocked and ready to go. They were able to take Rodriquez down before he could squeeze off a shot. Officers searched the house and found a 14-year-old girl in his bed.

All three suspects were charged with witness intimidation and malicious destruction of property.

The charges against Rodriguez piled up higher than just the two charges stemming from their vandalism campaign.

Officers say they searched his place and found the .357 Magnum he was holding, a sawed off 12 gauge shotgun, a .45 caliber handgun, ammunition, large amounts of cash, a scale, and a large amount of weed.

He earned himself three charges of unlawful possession of guns, unlawful possession of ammo, possession of a gun with an obliterated serial number, possession of a stolen gun, possession of weed with intent to distribute and statutory rape.

The three are expected to be arraigned at some point this week.