I'm done with James Dolan and so should every other Knicks fan: Sid Rosenberg - Metro US

I’m done with James Dolan and so should every other Knicks fan: Sid Rosenberg

New York Knicks owner James Dolan during a press conference. (Getty Images)
James Dolan. (Photo: Getty Images)
As the Knicks organization continues its 16-year downward spiral, there is only one man left to blame. James Dolan has ruined this organization and it’s time that someone does something about it. We can no longer sit here and blame the players or Phil Jackson or whoever else we may think is responsible for the downfall of the Knicks. It all falls on the shoulders of James Dolan.
I am calling for the NBA Commissioner Adam Silver to come down on the spoiled brat owner that James Dolan truly is. It’s not fair that some of the world’s best basketball fans have to take this type of abuse every year. Dolan has constantly overstepped his boundaries, foolishly thinking that he knows what’s best for the franchise.
The man-child, wannabe rock star has no credentials that make him the right person to run an NBA franchise. He was handed the keys to the Knicks franchise in 1999 and since then there have not been many good memories. At the time, Dolan was six years out of rehab and seemed to have controlled his substance abuse problems. His temper had also calmed down but this was not a man ready impose his “basketball knowledge” on an NBA franchise. 
It was doomed from the start.
I think we can all remember that the Knicks played in the 1999 NBA Finals, eventually losing to the David Robinson and the San Antonio Spurs. From that point forward, the Knicks have been in the cellar of the NBA, a place where one of the most storied American franchises should never have been. But in the late 2000s, there seemed to be a light at the end of the tunnel.
In April of 2008, the Knicks appointed longtime Indiana Pacers general manager Donnie Walsh as their president of basketball operations. Walsh was Larry Bird’s right-hand man and had immense knowledge about the game of basketball and what type of players it took to succeed as an NBA team. 
Walsh built through the draft and acquired younger players who had the potential for long careers. But the foundation that Walsh was building would all but be forgotten when Dolan pushed to trade that foundation for Carmelo Anthony. And that brings us to the present situation which is turning into a daily soap opera.  
During Carmelo’s tenure with the Knicks, they made only three playoff appearance and went past the first round once. 
Since 2001 the Knicks have fewer playoff victories than the Seattle Supersonics. That’s correct, prior to the Supersonics moving from Seattle to Oklahoma City, they compiled more playoff wins from 2001-2008 than the Knicks have in the past 16 seasons. That is utterly embarrassing.
I am done with Dolan and so should every Knicks fan.

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