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Is Starbucks open on Labor Day?

is starbucks open on labor day
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If you thought Starbucks was the golden child of the coffee shop world before, this summer certainly cemented it. At the beginning of the warmer months, they announced they were bringing back the beloved Starbucks Happy Hour and have been dishing out drink deals (almost) weekly since. We’re hooked. (They have one coming up this week, by the way, so get ready.) Even when they’re not saving you cash, you love the coffee shop with the siren logo. But are they going to be there for you this upcoming weekend, or do they close for the holiday? Is Starbucks open on Labor Day? Don’t worry, we did the digging for you.

Before we even get to the weekend, make sure you know when Starbucks Happy Hour is this week. Mark your calendar, since it’s sooner than Labor Day, and come back. We’ll wait for you. Now, let’s make sure you know where to get your caffeine energy over Labor Day weekend. There’s lots of shopping to be done, with stores like Target running some seriously delicious deals, and you’re going to need a java jolt to help get you through. But if Starbucks is your go-to, is that where you can turn? Here’s what you need to know about the Starbucks holiday hours.

Is Starbucks open on Labor Day?

So, is Starbucks open on Labor Day? Can you head out for your friendly neighborhood location for your caffeine jolt first thing Monday morning?  Unlike some other places, Starbucks is keeping its doors open on Labor Day, despite the holiday (or maybe because of it for serious shoppers). That means you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing you won’t have that horrible caffeine headache as you head out to watch the parade.

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It’s still always a good idea to call the location you plan to hit, however. You never know which cafes, especially if they’re inside other stores, are closing or following limited hours. Better to call and interact with a human briefly than drive over and find the doors locked and no caffeine available. You can also use this location finder tool which, at the time of publication, is already updated with hours for the holiday.

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