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Is this the final season of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’?

Larry David talks Curb Your Enthusiasm

At the end of every season of Curb Your Enthusiasm Larry David tells the cast and crew that it is over. So far, he has always gone back on his word. It is just something that he has to put them all through before he can then start dreaming up new ideas

“It is a law. Every season of ‘Curb’ is the final season,” executive producer and director Jeff Schaffer recently explained to me. “The end of season 5 is called ‘The End’. He pours all of his good ideas into a story, and so when he’s finished he’s out of ideas. And why would he do another season if he doesn’t have any more ideas? He’s the only person on the planet that doesn’t think he’ll have another good idea.”

So when I sat down with Schaffer and Susie Essman to discuss the return of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” for a ninth season I was intrigued to know whether or not Larry David had already begun to insist that this would be the final ever outing for the show. And it turns out that the six-year absence between seasons eight and nine really did make Larry’s heart grow fonder for “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, because Essman revealed that the legendary comedian has already teased that he wants to make a tenth season.

“No he hasn’t,” Essman responded after I asked whether or not David had already declared season 9 to be the show’s farewell. “As a matter of fact he’s indicated that he’s seriously thinking about season 10. As long as he has the ideas he’ll do it. He doesn’t want to beat himself. He’s done 90 ‘Curbs’ and God knows how many ‘Seinfelds’. He doesn’t want to repeat himself. He wants it to be fresh. He wants it to be original. It’s not that easy.”

Jeff Schaffer believes Larry David will return for another season, too, remarking, “Personally I wouldn’t bet on Larry running out of ideas,” while also adding, “I know he had a blast this year.”

When discussing the season finale, both Schaffer and Essman also teased how season 9 will come to an end, with Schaffer suggesting that it could easily be the series finale or just a brief goodbye. “It’s built that it could easily be the final ‘Curb’ of all time. Or not.” Essman echoed these sentiments, too, adding, “This season is not a definitive ending either. But it could be. It could be, ‘Aw there you go’.”

You can decide for yourself by watching season 9 of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” as it unfolds on Sunday nights on HBO at 10pm.