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It’s not the Playboy Mansion, but these Bunnies want it Sean ‘Spicy’

Dennis Hof, Sean Spicer

Update, Nov. 29, 2017: According to the spokesman for Dennis Hof’s brothels, including the world-famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch, Sean Spicer has no responded to the job offer… “but, you never know. He may come around.”

Original article:

Dennis Hof, the owner of seven Nevada brothels including the famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch, has an indecent proposal for former White House press secretary Sean Spicer: Come work for me.

Spicer, who resigned his political post amid a flurry of fury from President Donald Trump, hasn’t yet decided to replace his White House Easter Bunny costume with whatever one wears (or doesn’t wear) to the Bunny Ranch.

“Me and the Bunny Ranch girls were watching Tucker Carlson on Fox News; he’s a personal friend. He wrote a chapter in my book, and we saw him talking about Sean Spicer,” Hof told us. “The girls felt sorry for him. ‘Daddy, reach out and do something for this man. He’s losing his job – he’s getting run out of there, and we want to help him.’”

Help comes in the form of a six-figure salary for coming to Nevada two weeks out of the month, meals included, “and of course if you work for the Ranch, then you get a little hip slips and fingertips as a bonus for a good job,” Hof explained.

Yes, part of Spicer’s incentive package would include sex with the legal working girls at the Bunny Ranch.

But Hof isn’t just being cheeky about Spicer making a bunny hop to the private sector. This is a serious job offer on the table coming from a man who compares himself to Trump.

Also a reality TV maverick, Hof said his HBO reality show “Cathouse” airs in 67 countries and in 29 languages, and he produces a show on Cinemax titled “Working Girls in Bed.” But the “outgoing in the media eye” businessman and political hopeful said told us he’d rather “spend more time with the bunnies and less time doing media.”

Hof also needs to free up his time since he plans to run for assemblyman in Nevada’s 36th district in 2018.

When asked how Spicer would know he isn’t walking into another volatile situation, Hof said it comes down to ego.

“I don’t think I have the ego that Trump has. I let my people do their job,” he explained. “Trump hired this guy to do a job, but he also blasts everything on his Twitter and so instead of having to announce news, I saw him as having to defend things that Trump is saying. … With me, I would just let him do his job.”

Hof also said he feels he communicates better with his employees than Trump does.

And there is no shortage of news, Hof said.

“We’re always banning somebody for being a jerk, like Paris Hilton and Michael Vick and Donald Sterling ’cause he’s a racist and the ‘Duck Dynasty’ idiot because he’s a homophobic moron. … In fact, we banned him from the ranch for life, but we also gave his daughter a Lesbo for Life pass, meaning she can come out and party with the girls. So, we always have something in the news.”

A spokesman for the brothel told us that Spicer “surprisingly” has not yet accepted the job offer.

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