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Jessimae Peluso says comedy is a lot like boxing

Jessimae Peluso says comedy is a lot like boxing
Tanya Dahl

Comedian Jessimae Peluso is hungover in San Francisco — “Hashtag Thursday,” she says—but that’s OK, because that’s where they filmed “Full House.”

The former “Girl Code” cast member had tequila shots before, and during, and maybe after her show at Punch Line Comedy Club, and she apologizes for sounding a little out of it. Luckily this brings us back to “Full House,” where Peluso’s much-publicized affinity for John Stamos/Uncle Jesse brings up the topic of the Netflix revival.

“‘Fuller House’ is going to bring me back to life,” she sighs. “It’s what I’ve been missing. I can’t wait.”

Peluso comes toLaugh Boston for a series of shows Feb. 11-13, making her one of the club’s highest grossing acts of all time. She chats Valentine’s Day, Rhonda Rousey and the best place to record a fart.

What did you do last night that you’re hungover today from?
I had a show at Punch Line [in] San Francisco and had some tequila with one of the kitchen workers. Then again with the audience because this bitch tried to heckle me so I decided to buy a shot to shut her up and then I realized maybe I shouldn’t do that because people are just going to heckle me to get tequila.

So how do you usually deal with hecklers?
I’m like, bring it on, and I shut them down. You have to have nerves of steel. But I’m not going to do it in a mean way, I’m going to do it in a nice way, which is even more confusing.

There’s always the shows where some girl’s had too much tequila, or some guy want to say something about your ass, but you’ve got to work on your feet. It’s a lot like boxing. You have to have the technique down because you don’t know what [the audience] is going to do. You have to Rhonda Rousey that s—.

I think everyone wants to be Rhonda now.
I mean, help help me Rhonda. She’s female power.

You’ll be in Boston the days prior to Valentine’s Day.
Yeah, are you going to get me anything?

Well what would you like?
Hmm… a baby chinchilla. And maybe a llama, and dark chocolate. And maybe a snuggle, or Netflix and chill. Is that what people do that now?

And coming back to Boston is kind of a homecoming for you.
I’m so excited. I started comedy in Boston and there are really smart educated people in Boston. You have some of the best colleges in the country so you have really smart audiences there. Could you imagine if they were dumb? Like what are you guys doing at MIT and Harvard? What’s happening?

Is Boston a good place to try to become a comedian?
I did three years there and have a lot of memories and nostalgia. I think it’s a great place, because it’s still a city, but not too big not too small, and it’s stillconnected to the rest of the world. Ithink a lot of great comedians that come out of this city because there are a lot of comedy stages to get up on. It was a great beginning point and stepping stone to get into the comedy world.

Tell me about your podcast.
It’s called the “Sharp Tongue” podcast, and I like to talk what’s happening in the news orthings happening with my family. It’s a diary of my crazy brain and what I think about certain events in the world, and then some fart jokes.

Where do you usually record?
I record in my bathtub because there’s good acoustics. I like when a fart hits the floor, and shower farts are amazing they reverberate off the walls. No, really, Irecord on the studio or in my apartment, but a lot of the time I’m chilling in my tub. i just don’t put the water in.

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