Jonathan Bennett talks cake rules and parking tickets – Metro US

Jonathan Bennett talks cake rules and parking tickets

Jonathan Bennett talks cake rules and parking tickets
Brent Weber

You may recognize Jonathan Bennett from the hit movie “Mean Girls” but these days the 35-year-old actor is up to his elbows in sugary sweetness as the host of the shows “Cupcake Wars” and “Cake Wars” on The Food Network. The Los Angeles resident talks rules for cake consumption, and even gives us some insider baking tips.

So where are you calling from today, Jonathan?
Los Angeles. I had the day off so I am at my house literally doing paperwork. Just catching up on the parking tickets and the bullshit. [Laughs]

So you’ve had such a cool career, starting off with your role in “Mean Girls.” How did the “Cake Wars” gig come about?
After appearing on “Dancing With the Stars,” I realized that I really loved being myself on-camera as well as acting. I decided to do some hosting stuff and the networked called and was like “Hey, how would you like to host ‘Cake Wars’?” I don’t bake cakes, I just make jokes. It seemed like a fun gig so I was like, “Why not?” It has been so much fun. I’m almost on my 75th episode.

Have you gotten interested in baking from the show?

Do you enjoy cake at all?

I mean I love cake but we eat it everyday. So unless I am at work, I don’t eat cake.

That’s a good rule to have. Do you have a favorite kind of cake?
I’m a big fan of anything apple. They do a lot of apple pie cakes on the show so it has been really great.

You mentioned you’re coming close to 75 episodes on “Cake Wars.” What have been your three favorite episodes so far?
Oh man. I enjoyed the Nick Young episode of “Cake Wars.” He was a riot. I really enjoyed the DC comics one and the Halo video game one, too.

Interesting. So if you could pick any theme for an episode, what would it be?
The next theme should be Jonathan Bennett.

I like it.
They can do my eyebrows. They can do my big eyes, my big teeth. Lost of things to pull from. All the movies I have been in.

If you could pick any celebrities to be in that episode who would you pick?
Rachel McAdams.

Just Rachel McAdams?
I would do Rachel McAdams vs. Lacey Chabert vs. Amanda Seyfried!

Now you have been the host and observing people on “Cake Wars” and “Cupcake Wars” for a while. Do you have any words of advice for future contestants?
Don’t make red velvet cake. Just don’t do red velvet cake. Layla doesn’t like it — and never use American buttercream.

So why do you think people love these food shows so much?
I think it is just watching and getting inspired to do things in their own kitchen with their own families.

So what is next for you?
I’m going to shoot a movie with Danica McKellar called “Mommy I Didn’t Do It.” It is kind of a sequel to “The Wrong Woman” movie we did. ​

“Cupcake Wars” airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. and is followed by “Cake Wars” at 9 p.m.