Julia Roberts was crowned PEOPLE’s Most Beautiful Woman again, because nostalgia is in – Metro US

Julia Roberts was crowned PEOPLE’s Most Beautiful Woman again, because nostalgia is in

You know how Hollywood loves to revel in nostalgia and double down on remakes and sequels instead of celebrating or creating new things? Like, instead of putting in the work to create a new film, they keep making “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies that nobody — and I mean nobody — is asking for. Or, hey, let’s make “Spiderman” with Toby Maguire, then let’s reboot “Spiderman” with Andrew Garfield, and then, let’s reboot it a third time with an unknown lil’ guy, because boy oh boy, do the American people love their teens in spandex. Or they crown Julia Roberts PEOPLE’s Most Beautiful Woman, again. Because originality is for suckers!

That’s right: Julia Roberts — who is arguably most famous for “Erin Brokovich,” a film that came out 17 years ago — has been crowned PEOPLE’s 2017 World’s Most Beautiful Woman. This is the fifth time she’s been bestowed the title that has most of us like, “Wait, we’re still doing this?”

The 49-year-old, whose next juicy role is a speaking part in an animated film, “Smurfs: The Lost Village,” joked that it will all be downhill from this point. “I am very flattered. It will become embarrassing. Right now, let’s just keep it with flattering.”

Roberts covered the issue for the first time at age 23 in 1991, then returned for the 2000, 2005 and 2010 issues.

I wonder why PEOPLE’s World’s Most Beautiful Woman is usually a white lady that was considered an icon in the 90’s, but I suppose they’re still patting themselves on the back for featuring Lupita Nyong’o in their 2014 issue and Beyoncé in 2012. Although, it’s worth mentioning, that Beyoncé was the first Black woman to win the not that cherished title in nine years.

A lot of other very beautiful people could have nabbed the title: Gugu Mbatha-Raw from “Beyond the Lights,” Constance Wu from “Fresh Off The Boat,” hell, the title is so arbitrary that a sentient pile of garbage with hot pink matte lipstick traced on could be crowned. The options are endless!

I’m not saying Julia Roberts isn’t beautiful, I’m just over her. Let’s bring on some fresh meat, PEOPLE.