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What you knead to know about Melissa Etheridge’s Mystic Pizza Musical

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OK, we’re done. That’s the end to our pizza-related puns (thank u, next). Mystic Pizza was a late ’80s coming of age story. “A seminal film for an entire generation of young people looking to distinguish themselves in a rapidly changing world,” according to adaption director, Gordon Greenberg. Mystic Pizza launched Julia Roberts’ career, and included a debut of a young Matt Damon. Boston-educated Melissa Etheridge is set to provide the music. As an upcoming Broadway-hopeful production, here is everything we know about the Mystic Pizza musical.

What we know about the Mystic Pizza Musical

If you haven’t seen the film, this is what you missed out on. Mystic Pizza is about three women: sisters Kat (Annabeth Gish) and Daisy (Roberts), and their best friend, Jojo (Lili Taylor). All three live in the immigrant New England town of Mystic. The women work at Mystic Pizza as waitresses. The movie tells us of their trails and adventures in love. Matt Damon makes his debut with his great one line of “Mom, do you want my green stuff?” What else could you want?

According to Yahoo, Melissa Etheridge is providing the music for the stage adaption produced by Lively Cabe Entertainment. After leaving Berklee College of Music to pursue music in Los Angeles, Island Records discovered her at the age of 20. Her career took off from there.

She became a rock icon after her first Grammy nomination in Best Vocal Rock Performance – Female with her lead single, “Bring Me Some Water.”  A few years later, “Ain’t it Heavy” won Etheridge her first Grammy.

mystic pizza

She continues to be an iconic performer by lending her unique voice and style to the Mystic Pizza musical. Etheridge is no stranger to musicals. Besides her Grammy-winning repertoire, Etheridge was in the 2011 American Idiot Broadway musical as St. Jimmy.

While we know many people are involved, there are many factors that are currently unknown. The musical is not set for Off Broadway, Broadway or a regional performance yet, but since Broadway has welcomed a slew of film-to-stage productions in recent years, don’t be surprised if Mystic becomes one of them. The production and creative team will be announced soon.

Whether you’re interested in the music, the stage adaption or the ’80s nostalgia, there is something in this musical for everybody.