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Kate Upton shares her secret for flawless sun-kissed skin

Kate Upton — known for her killer curves — is the face of beauty brand Bobbi Brown. The bodacious blonde, who was featured on the 2012 and 2013 covers of Sports Illustrated, shares her top tips for getting a “model” complexion.

What is your beauty regimen?
I prefer a natural look day-to-day. I’m a Florida girl and love looking like I’ve been in the sun. On a daily basis, I use Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder, the Pot Rouge for Lips & Cheeks in pale pink and the Smokey Eye Mascara. I spend a lot of time on planes, so I have a few essentials with me at all times, including mascara and concealer — they fix me when I’m feeling and looking tired from too much traveling. When it comes to my hair, I like Oribe Conditioner for Moisture & Control — it smells amazing. I also use Leonor Greyl hair masks.

What are the skin care products you swear by?
I always wash my face, tone, then apply a moisturizer. I use Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Cream to wash my face. It’s got a bit of a rough texture to it, so it gently exfoliates while it cleanses. I love it because I’m left with supersoft skin. Bobbi’s Hydrating Gel Cream is my go-to because it’s superlight and doesn’t cause my skin to break out. I always follow with sunscreen. For some extra care if I’m in New York, I’ll go to Christine Chin’s Spa for a facial. I love her microdermabrasion treatment.

What about your body? Do you moisturize, scrub and work out?
I work out three times a week, usually with David Kirsch at the Madison Square Club. He’s such a positive person, and he makes me feel great, although I’m not a super on-time person, and he always says, “Get here 15 minutes early!” But I walk out of his gym feeling amazing, even though I’m a sweaty mess. In terms of product, for body, I moisturize with Bliss Lemon + Sage Body Butter. I also love to get facials — it’s one of my favorite things to do. I have really sensitive skin, and whenever I’m on a modeling job, it gets very irritated because they use a lot of different products.

Do you have any secrets in your diet that help to give you such a beautiful complexion?
I try to eat clean and healthy. I’m lucky because I actually like the food I eat. I love fish or chicken, grilled vegetables, sauteed spinach with feta cheese and a good green juice.

What is the best beauty advice you’ve gotten?
Growing up in Florida, my mom made a point to put sunscreen on us, so I picked up that routine early on — it’s essential. I like using Bobbi’s CC Cream because it’s a one-stop shop: it moisturizes, leaves behind a nice tint, while protecting your skin with SPF 35. My mom also taught me to wash and tone my face every night. No matter what time I get home, I go straight to the sink to wash and tone. I’m like a robot. Also, Bobbi showed me that a little pink blush can go a long way.

Who is your beauty icon?
Lauren Hutton. She has this wonderful inner beauty about her. I also like that she keeps her look so natural and clean. Audrey Hepburn is another icon of mine. She was so glamorous, beautiful, and had a great sense of style.

What’s your favorite red carpet look?
I like to switch it up. I enjoy playing dress-up and putting on different faces for different events. Great skin with dramatic lashes is my favorite red carpet look.

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