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Katie Holmes no fan of the Internet

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What did Katie Holmes learn from playing a woman with bipolar disorder in her new film, “Touched with Fire?” That the Internet is terrible. Wait, hear me out on this. As the former Mrs. Tom Cruise explains to More magazine, “I gained a greater empathy for people who are struggling with mental illness” while making the film, due out next month.
“Before the movie, I’d hear something about it and think, ‘Wow. But that’s over there.’ Unfortunately, we’re quick to judge, especially in this day of social media and the Internet — which I think is an ugly-maker. Everybody looks ugly when they’re on the Internet. But I wouldn’t want to live a flat life, with no pain.”
Actually, Ms. Holmes, I’ll have you know that some people look really, really cute on the Internet, so stop judging. I will concede that “ugly-maker” is a great phrase, if a bit of a Mentos rip-off. But you know what? I’m kinda into it.
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