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Kellyanne Conway denies tweeting to 1 white nationalist, but thanks 2 others, including David Duke


Amid theOffice of Government Ethics calling for disciplinary actionfor the “free commercial” she gaveIvanka Trump’s clothing line, senior White House adviser Kellyanne Conway is now denying she tweeted to a self-described white nationalist.

Twitter user Lib Hypocrisy tweeted a response to a Conway tweet saying she “serves at the pleasure of @POTUS. His message is my message” after she appeared on the “Today” show on Tuesday. In the segment, Conway alluded that Michael Flynn would have stayed on staff had he not resigned his post as national security adviser over his calls he made to Russian officials before President Donald Trump took office.

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Lib Hypocrisy wrote that Conway’s “strength & resiliency in the face of vile hatred, bigotry, & sexism of the unhinged Left is a daily inspiration. Love you!”

“Love you back,” Conway replied,and wished a happy Valentine’s Day to the “Hapless Haters.” Both tweets are no longer on either account, and Conway denied that she wrote theresponse to Lib Hypocrisy, whose bio features #WhiteIdentity, #Nationalist and support for Steve Bannon, Trump’s chief strategist.

“I denounce whoever it is,” Conway told BuzzFeed News about whoever sent the tweet from her account,and added that “everybody makes mistakes.”

One tweet that has not been deleted, yet, from Conway’s Twitter is a response to an article written by Richard Spencer titled, “Michael Flynn Did Nothing Wrong,” on altright.com.

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Spencer, you may recall, was the white nationalist and a founder of the alt-right movement and president of right-wing research group National Policy Institute, who was punched in the face near Trump’s inauguration ceremony. The punch was captured on video and prompted the question: “Is it OK to punch a Nazi?”

Written from Conway’s Twitter account was the message: “Well, you sure make us look good and trustworthy, thanks for the support … along with @DrDavidDuke #MRGA.”

And just in case you’re not familiar with Duke, describes himself as “one of the 100 most read and quoted people in the world” in his own Twitter bio,is also a white nationalist, Holocaust denier — and former Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.

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