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Korean doctors paving way for medical tourism


Medical tourism is a trend that’s picking up more and more steam on a global level. South Korea is pushing the movement along, with citizens from all over flocking there for medical vacations.
Instead of ironing out all the details on their own, many turn to full-service medical concierge companies to coordinate the experience down to the last detail. From five-star hotel reservations to personal travel nurses to airport transportation—a high-quality medical concierge can handle it all.
Tristen Ng, owner of Shine Beauty Travels, says that it’s the skilled Korean doctors that are attracting so many visitors. Of course, the scenery doesn’t hurt, either. With South Korea standing on its own as a popular tourist destination, it isn’t all that surprising that people are incorporating cosmetic procedures into their trips.
Shine Beauty Travels offers an array of services. Among their most popular offerings is what’s known as the vampire facelift. In medical terms, it’s actually an anti-aging, platelet-rich plasma injection. Using plasma drawn from the patient’s own vein, the procedure represents a natural way to renew cells and fight the aging process.
“The whole approach to PRP treatment is to apply a high concentration of this platelet-rich plasma onto aging skin areas to promote collagen cell reproduction and healing,” says Tristen. “You can see improvement in the next three weeks, and results will continue for the next three months.”
Other non-invasive treatments include Botox, dermal fillers, laser treatments and more—all of which are popular for South Korean beauty vacations.
“As these non-invasive tours do not require long recovery times, we also include recreational, cultural and shopping itineraries for these patients after they receive their beauty treatments,” adds Tristen.
For those looking for a more intensive experience, Shine Beauty Travels also coordinates a variety of sought-after cosmetic surgeries. Treatment areas include the eyes, nose, breasts, liposuction and female surgery. What’s more is that all procedures are performed by members of the Korean Board of Plastic Surgery.
Shine Beauty Travels offers several tiered beauty packages for patients to choose from, some of which include a VIP medical tourism coordinator, a Seoul city tour and shopping guide. However, even the most basic packages include premium beauty consulting and a trained medical translator.
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