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Lacey Stone mixes humor with high intensity in her new workout project

Lacey Stone mixes humor with high intensity in her new workout project

Catching your breath, not cracking a smile, is normally the top priority during a set of burpees, those agonizing push-up-to-hop-ups that terrorize gymgoers worldwide. Unless it’s celebrity trainer Lacey Stone tickling your funny bone with one-liners while pushing your body into its fat-burning zone. It quickly becomes easy to understand why the tough-love trainer on the hit show “Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian” is one of the most sought-after trainers in fitness.

On Monday, Stone, the Tony Robbins of fitness,  debuts her new virtual workout platform that’ll combine all the humor and fitness elements that have Stone’s Los Angeles bootcamps booked months in advance.

“The workouts are basically shot live to tape so they include my sense of humor and motivational style, which I’ve never seen in the workout world,” Stone says. “I keep them laughing while I kick their butts.”

From medicine ball slams to motivational tough love, Lacey Stone,  who’s used her brand of fitness to whip into shape celebrities such as Amanda Seyfried and Mary-Louise Parker and is a regular on TV’s “The Doctors” and the Steve Harvey Show, says her goal is to bring “women of all shapes and sizes together to be your best self” through exercise. 

But will there be any similarities to the workouts on “Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian”?

“Yes,” Stone says, “but I add a sprinkle of cardio dance. My deal is that fitness starts in the mind, not the body. My workouts fuse HIIT, resistance, dance-meets-sport and humor.”

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What will the new Lacey Stone virtual platform target?

Lacey Stone’s program can be done with simple equipment such as an exercise mat, bands and some dumbbells. Women can try Stone’s new platform (virtualtraining.laceystonefitness.com)  with a seven-day trial. Her library of workouts is suited for both the novice and advanced athlete, ranging from 10-minute body-weight workout programs that will target everything “including the booty,” she says, to  quick “reboot sessions” and all the way up to eight-week body change challenges with a mix of new-school and old-school moves.

“You’’ll be doing lots of push-ups and squats,” Lacey Stone warns. “They’ve been around forever — and they work.”

Stone says her muscle and mind approach to fitness dates back to college, where she graduated summa cum laude with a degree in psychology. This newest venture, she says, is important in that through good vibes and tough love, she hopes to bring a sense of community to women  that will change not just their bodies — but their lives as well.

“I’m not interested in just changing people’s bodies” Stone says. “I want to add joy to their lives through my unique approach to fitness and teamwork, empowering people to be their best, strongest, most badass selves in every part of their lives.”