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LeafFilter shares easy ways to increase the value of your home

LeafFilter shares easy ways to increase the value of your home

Preparing to put your house on the market? If so, doing all you can to up the value of your home beforehand can payoff big time in the long run. While big projects (like a kitchen remodel, for example) often require a hefty investment of money and time, smaller home projects can also give your house’s value a good bump.
LeafFilter, which specializes in gutter protection, has rounded up three easy, cost-effective ways to increase the value of your home.
Consider gutter protection
When potential buyers are viewing your home, one factor that can give you a real cutting edge over the competition is the promise that they’ll never have to clean their gutters. Ever. Installing gutter guards does just that. Unprotected gutters require frequent cleaning to unclog dirt and leaves. And if this job is neglected, those gutters will have a harder time carrying rainwater away from your home. The result? Significant and expensive damage to your roof and foundation.
LeafFilter Gutter Protection completely seals off your gutter system so that no outside debris can get in. This, in turn, can raise the value of your home because it’s protecting against future damage. LeafFilter also comes with a lifetime, transferrable warranty. This means that the roof and foundation will remain in good hands. This is especially enticing to potential homebuyers.
Update your outdoor space
During the warm-weather months, the patio is where friends and family come together for barbecues and outside fun. In the winter, it sets the scene for cozy get-togethers and roasting marshmallows. Nothing turns homebuyers off like an unkempt patio.
A patio is essentially an extension of the indoor space—so treat it that way. Furniture arrangements can play a major role in the overall feel of your patio, as can accessories like birdhouses, small fountains, and light fixtures. Adding a patio cover is also a great selling point as it will protect against sun damage and inclement weather.
Sprucing up the landscaping goes hand in hand here. Overgrown grass and unsightly weeds will have homebuyers running for the hills.
Make small improvements throughout the house
If remodeling the bathrooms simply isn’t in your budget, making minor upgrades can pack a big punch when it comes to home value. As HGTV reports, something as simple as replacing old faucets and doors, or modifying the permanent lighting can make a big difference to homebuyers. Even upgrading electric plugs and adding some artwork or small home accessories are considered valuable. Above all, experts always advise keeping your home clean and tidy. A grimy bathroom or dirty dishes in the sink definitely won’t help attract any bids.
Bankrate also advises assessing your storage space. If your home doesn’t boast quality closets, installing DIY closet systems is probably a wise investment. This translates to the kitchen, as well (think pantries). The good news is that upgrading your closet situation shouldn’t take longer than a weekend to complete.
In the end, making these kinds of minor tweaks just might increase interest from potential homebuyers—making your house stand out from the rest in a crowded market.