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Left-handers, rejoice! Oreo made their packages easier to open

left-handed oreos
Photos via Nabisco

Being left-handed in a right-handed world isn’t easy.

Those of us bestowed with the honor of being left-handed have to deal with a whole lot of inconveniences because everything in the world — ranging from scissors to dining room tables — are designed for right-handed people.

Left-handed Oreos

At least we get our own day. Today, August 13, marks International Left-Hander’s Day, a day to celebrate all things leftie — and Oreo is helping us celebrate by creating left-handed Oreos.

What are left-handed Oreos?

We know, we know: Aren’t Oreos already made for both left- and right-handed people? Yep — but the packages aren’t. So the brilliant brains behind the cookies took a break from coming up with awesome new flavors (like Rocky Road and Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie, yum) to create packages that feature a flap that opens on the right side of the pack (instead of the usual left-side opening).

These special left-handed Oreos won’t be available in stores, though. You have to sign up via their special website to get your mitts on a package — a steal at only $3 (for shipping). But hurry: You can only order left-handed Oreos until August 30 (or while supplies last).

“Knowing that lefties are often overlooked in everyday activities, this is our way of celebrating them and helping to make their lives just a little sweeter,” a spokesperson for left-handed Oreos told Metro. “Left-handers will finally be able to open a pack of OREO cookies their way – the ‘left’ way!”

And that’s not all: To kick it all off, Oreo is sending the first batch of left-handed Oreos to the people that live in Left Hand, West Virginia, population 390.

So, fellow lefties: Let’s soak up the attention while we can — with some left-handed Oreos, of course — because tomorrow we’ll go back to living in a right-handed world.

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