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The international CES 2016 (Consumer Electronics Show) showcase has already started to surprise fans of technology with innovative — and frankly—wacky gadgets that will revolutionize the market. Metro rounds up some of the quirkiest and coolest gizmos from CES 2016, in Las Vegas.

Charge your device wirelessly


These days, most mobile device users are practically glued to the nearest plug socket, thanks to the battery life of modern gadgets. However, Ossia, the company behind wireless charging technology, has promised to end this frustrating situation with the development of The Royal Wireless, a gadget that charges the battery of smartphones or mobile devices with NFC (Near Field Communication) or wireless power.

Take money from the ATM with your iris


Biometrics is a technology which until recently was the stuff of Mission Impossible movies; however, it is becoming more widely available. EyeLock and Diebold have teamed up on a new screen-less, self-service ATM, which doesn’t require a PIN pad, card reader, or screen, that uses iris scanning to identify the customer.

Watch what you’re eating


January is the month when most people are looking to beat the bulge, and now there’s a new piece of tech to help you tackle the tummy. DietSensor is the instant diet coach that uses infrared spectroscopy to determine the chemical makeup of food and drink.

Streaming with style and quality


Over the past year, companies, like Periscope and Facebook have all leapt into the live streaming trend — and now that technology is about to be moved even further forward. Livestream (the company) has created Movi, a palm-size 4K video camera that lets you edit as you broadcast and even has a 150-degree field of view lens.

The most intelligent drone


Qualcomm plans to rule the skies with their so-called “Ferrari” of the drones. The new Snapdragon Flight Platform is a drone that comes complete with autonomous flight, motion planning and obstacle mapping thanks to its 801 Snapdragon processor.

– By Daniel Casillas