Is Wawa open on MLK Day

MLK Day is on Jan. 21 PHOTO: Getty 

Wawa is a staple for many living on and around the east coast. The popular one-stop shop has everything you need from everyday essentials to tasty treats when you feel like rewarding yourself. But many people wonder if the hotspot is still open on certain holidays, specifically Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Is Wawa open on MLK Day

Is Wawa open on MLK Day?

MLK Day is full of events and volunteering opportunities honoring a special man who had a dream. Events need supplies-sometimes last minute- and Wawa is a great place to pick up any extra napkins you may need, cups (just to have spares) or maybe even a candy bar to eat after you help set everything up. On the volunteering end, it is useful to have Wawa open as well, hard work for others is extremely rewarding, but it can also be tiring. For that, you need fuel such as a Gatorade, or a huge bottle of water or maybe even an energy bar from Wawa's vast selection. 

Is Wawa open on MLK Day

So is Wawa open on MLK Day? Yes, it is! Most locations will be opening their doors on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, although some hours may be different based on the location. However, some will still stay open for 24 hours meaning you can grab copious amounts of coffee, band-aids, chips, candy, pretzels, soda, Advil and whatever else you may need for any situation that pops up on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  You can check what hours Wawa will be open on any holiday and in which area here using their online store locator. 


So next time someone wonders and asks, is Wawa open on MLK Day? You can save the day by letting them know yes it is, and show them this article as proof.

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