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You’ve never met any Mexican food you didn’t like; as far as you’re concerned everything from authentic South-of-the-border eats to food truck tacos are delicious, just in their own distinct ways. And because you’re a connoisseur of the cuisine, you know the undeniable deliciousness of fourth meal. Postmates gets it, and that’s why they’re giving away free Taco Bell this weekend.

You know Postmates as the amazing app that allows you to order coffee, groceries and cookies from your favorite bakery — from bed. But get ready to think of them as hanger-fighting heros, because they’re running some serious good specials that have already included free Starbucks coffee and free pints (yes, whole pints) of Haagen-Dazs ice cream. This time it’s free Taco Bell, but you better act fast because the deal’s only good while supplies last.

How to get free Taco Bell through Postmates this weekend

Starting now (as long as there’s a Taco Bell open when you’re reading this), you can get a free crunchwrap through the Postmates app. We’re talking a crunchwrap supreme here, so don’t snooze on the free Taco Bell.

All you need to do is go to Postmates or open the Postmates app (available through iTunes App Store or Google Play), make sure your delivery location is in place and look for the nearest Taco Bell location. Once you’re in the restaurant’s page, you’ll see the promotion for free Taco Bell deliciousness right at the top, like this:


free taco bell postmates menu

Now dream up the most delicious crunchwrap supreme possible and fill out your preferences. If you select add-ons, you will have to pay for those, but the additional costs are very clearly indicated so you don’t get duped into paying if you want to take full advantage of the promotion and get your meal for free. Now head to checkout and let Postmates and Taco Bell cure your hunger.

You do have to hurry, though. The offer for free Taco Bell is good through Sunday night, but only while supplies last. With a deal this delicious, that’s not going to be long.

free taco bell crunchwrap