The Joule Caffeine Bracelet administers caffeine through the bloodstream. Metro World News

If you’re the kind of person who can’t start the day without their caffeine fix, this gadget is for you.

The Joule Caffeine Bracelet delivers an immediate hit by delivering the good stuff straight into the bloodstream. The accessory is fitted with a trans dermal caffeine patch that feeds the user with a steady supply of caffeine,equivalent to a medium coffee,over four hours. That means the wearer won’t suffer the jitters, crashes or any other negative effects. Adam Paulin, inventor and co-founder of Joule Caffeine Bracelet, explains why this gizmo is the only way to get a caffeine kick.

Why did you create this bracelet?

This bracelet allows people to conveniently get their caffeine fix while eliminating many of the downsides associated with traditional caffeinated beverages. Specifically, because it bypasses the digestive system completely, our bracelet allows people to get caffeine into their bloodstream without ingesting calories or suffering from any indigestion. The caffeine is also administered slowly,over the course of four hours,which minimizes jitters and reduces crashing effects. Our bracelet also looks great which allows people to confidently wear it and show it off to their friends.

How does the Joule Caffeine Bracelet work?


The bracelet has a region where a patch, with the active ingredients, can be placed. The patches can be replaced based on the needs of the user. The patch contains a natural adhesive that is melted gradually by the wearer's body heat. The caffeine and other active ingredients are gradually allowed to make contact with the skin. Caffeine, because of its chemical composition is able to penetrate the skin and enter the blood stream where it can be transported throughout the body and to the brain.

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What advantages does the Joule Caffeine Bracelet offer over a common cup of coffee?

Joule administers caffeine slowly, over the course of four hours which reduces crashes and jitters. Joule bypasses the digestive system meaning calorie consumption and indigestion can be avoided. Joule can be snapped on in seconds, reducing the time spent waiting for a coffee. Additionally, Joule can be worn during athletics to provide ongoing energy boosts.

Why do people want to have shots of caffeine all day?

It is important to note that Joule does not provide "shots" of caffeine but rather a steady stream of a comfortable caffeine flow over the course of four hours. The patches are designed to administer caffeine at a dosage that is comfortable, while still providing enough of a boost to get people the buzz they need. For users that do want more of a jolt, we will be playing with different formulations in the future. It all depends on the user's caffeine desires. Some people already give themselves several jolts a day through coffee consumption, so at least with Joule they can avoid some of the negative effects.

Why is the bracelet called Joule?

A "joule" is a unit of energy. Since Joule is meant to produce energetic feelings throughout the day, we thought this would be the perfect name for it. We are also working on jewelry versions of Joule which make the name even more relevant.

Is the Joule bracelet safe?

Yes, the bracelet is safe, especially because of its slow and steady administration of caffeine. Because blood-caffeine levels are kept lower than with other sources, there would be less acute pressure on the body.

When do you plan to launch this product to the market and at what price?

Our mass market launch will follow the delivery of our crowd funding campaign backers' contribution perks. Once we deliver those we will launch the product into the mass market. The price is in flux right now and will be finalized after further discussions with manufacturers and distributors. Right now, our starter kit of one bracelet and 30 patches is available for $29. The mass market price will likely be higher.

- By Daniel Casillas

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