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After ringing in the new year with all its requisite pomp and circumstance, it’s time to start being good.

Maybe you spent last weekend stocking your fridge with farmers market produce and giving your new juicer pride of place on your kitchen counter. Or maybe you just resolved to lay off the MSG and focus on eating better generally to make up for occasionally straying from the virtuous kale-lined path.

Whichever method you’ve chosen, lunch tomorrow is going to be delicious with this recipe from Feel Food, the NYC-based organic juice bar and restaurant that focuses on its Latin American roots. This salad is hearty and full of vitamins and minerals, making for a perfect lunch to boost your energy after coming off the sugar-and-alcohol binge of the holidays.

Recipe: Kale and Apple Salad


4 large handfuls kale
1 green apple
1/2 oz tamari
6 oz. raw cashews
3 oz. apple cider vinegar
1 large fresh lemon
2 oz. alkaline water
4 grams fresh ginger
2 garlic cloves
1 cup grape seed oil

Dressing: In a small pot, cook the garlic cloves in the cup of oil on low heat for 10 minutes. Make sure the oil is hot but does not bubble. Remove garlic cloves from the oil and drain. Blend the garlic with the tamari , cashews, vinegar, juice of half the lemon, ginger and water until it becomes a smooth paste.

Salad: Stem and wash the kale, dry and cut. Mix/toss with dressing. Cut apple into thin slices and mix with juice of half a lemon. Top salad with apple slices and your favorite granola. Serves four.

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