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Summer is here, and while many of us are thinking about our next trip to the beach, now is also the best time to book the cheapest flights for Christmas holiday travel.

According to, now is the best time to get the lowest prices for holiday season flights. Their travel experts have examined data to determine the best time to book a flight during the winter holiday season, and they’ve created a nifty guide to help you plan your next holiday vacation.

Their guide helps travelers find the best fares to the 20 most popular destinations for the Christmas holiday week.

According to their findings, this week is the best time to book an end-of-the-year vacation to Las Vegas.


The week of July 16 is the best time to book a Christmas vacation to Atlanta and Denver.

For travelers looking to get the best deal on flights to Mexico City and Guadalajara, the best time to purchase plane tickets is the last two weeks of July.

If you're looking for a Christmastime getaway to San Juan, Puerto Rico, the best time to book a flight, according to, is the week of August 27 – a full 17 weeks before Christmas.

Below is a list of the best times to get the best airfares to the 10 most popular destinations. 

Best time to book cheapest flights for Christmas holiday

Week of July 16 (23 weeks before Christmas)

 Atlanta, Georgia

Mexico City, Mexico


Week of August 6 (20 weeks before Christmas)

Orlando, Florida


Week of August 13 (19 weeks before Christmas)

Dallas, Texas


Week of August 27 (17 weeks before Christmas)

San Juan, Puerto Rico


Week of September 3 (16 weeks before Christmas)

Los Angeles, California

Chicago, Illinois


Week of September 17 (14 weeks before Christmas)

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Miami, Florida

Tampa, Florida


Week of September 24 (13 weeks before Christmas)

New York, New York

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