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MAP: New York City Irish pubs with the best smartphone service

Numbers in chart were measured in seconds.

When it comes to St Patrick’s Day, New York City has always been considered one of the best cities in the world to celebrate everyone’s favorite Irish holiday.The city has been hosting an annual parade for the holiday for more than 200 years.

Thousands of New Yorkers and visitors from all over take part in a daylong event starting with the parade at 11 A.M. and eventually making their way to Irish Pubs around the city to enjoy good times and festivities with friends.
With the rise of smartphone usage and businesses pushing social media campaigns, many activities at bars involve heavy smartphone usage. Whether it’s snaping a photo of your favorite burger and sending it to Twitter and Instagram, taking a selfie, or recording your best buddy chugging a beer and uploading it to YouTube, mobile data usage at bars have increased dramatically.
Global Wireless Solutions Inc. (GWS), a leading networking benchmarking firm, has conducted a testacross 20 popular Irish pubs in Manhattan to find out which bar has the most “bars.” They did all the number crunching to identify which tavern uploads the fastest selfie or video.

Here are some interesting results from the tests conducted by GWS.

· In 50 percent of the tested pubs, beer connoisseurs and social media magnates can upload their beer selfies in five seconds or less.

· In 50 percent of the tested pubs, party revelers can upload a video of their festive antics in ten seconds or less.
· In 13 out of 20 tested pubs, Irish music aficionados can download a song in five seconds or less to drown out the always blaring top 40 tracks.
· In 4 out of 20 tested pubs, river dancers that want to demonstrate to their friends how to do a proper jig can download an HD video in ten seconds or less.
· GWS also measured network reliability at all locations and found that pub patrons can expect very reliable data service – 19 of the 20 pubs tested averaged 98% or better reliability in completing upload and download tasks.

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