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March Madness turns into an office affair!

In response to a previous article on March Madness, a recent RetailMeNotsurvey revealed significant numbers on the things Americans would rather do at work during the game season.

Yet, the survey found out that many Americans are looking forward to make of the tournament an office affait, meaning that they won’t miss a second of it. So get your small talks ready! In fact,RetailMeNot’s numbers show that “30% of Americans plan to participate in brackets with their coworkers this year” when “28% would go to a bar during lunch at work to watch March Madness games while 27% would watch the games at the office. 14% would go as far as calling in sick from work to catch games”.

Also, if your friends are basketball lovers, don’t count on them to join you for drinks or dinner as you will probably find them in a sports bar or at home watching the game. The study reveals that “28% of Americans would rather watch a March Madness game than spend time with family, friends or a significant other”. Other numbers show that 31% of Americans would quit their workout routine to watch the games, 17% would rather get late at work, 15% don’t mind getting a short night sleep and 14% prefer watching the games rather than getting an extra paid vacation.

So it seems that the game is taken very seriously by Americans, and even the most serious workers. If you hate basketball, there are other solutions to get your ears off all these game talks.

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