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Margot Robbie is almost unrecognizable in new movie role

Margot Robbie smiling at a premiere

Margot Robbie established herself as one of the most glamorous and bewitching screen talents in modern cinema with her roles in The Wolf Of Wall Street, Focus and Suicide Squad. She’s also a stellar actress; there’s even been talk that her role as Tonya Harding in I, Tonya will put her in contention for Best Actress gongs during the awards season later this year.

The images of Margot Robbie on set as the disgraced figure skater back in January caused quite a stir, and it’s safe to say that the recently emerged pictures of her as Queen Elizabeth I in Mary Queen Of Scots will do the same. Margot Robbie has not only changed her hair from blonde to a curly, ginger mane for the role, but also got a receding hairline and allowed her skin to become blotchy. You can check out images of Margot Robbie as Queen Elizabeth I in Mary Queen Of Scots below.

You can have a gander at even more images of Margot Robbie’s costume and look for the film right here, too. 

Production on Mary Queen Of Scots began just last week in Edinburgh, Scotland, and it will also unfold in various other locations across England, including Gloucester. Margot Robbie is joined in Mary Queen Of Scots by Saoirse Ronan, who will play the title character, while the cast is rounded out by Jack Lowden, Martin Compston, Joe Alwyn, Brendan Coyle, David Tennant and Guy Pearce. Saoirse Ronan looks a tad more glamorous than her Australian counterpart, though.

Mary Queen Of Scots will revolve around her attempts to overthrow the Queen Of England, a plot that was thwarted by Elizabeth, resulted in Mary being imprisoned for 18 and a half years, and then beheaded in 1587. Before that point, Mary had also ascended to the throne of Scotland aged just 6, been made queen consort of France at 17, and married her husband’s alleged killer just three months after his death.

All of which suggests that her life story is perfectly ripe for the movie treatment. We’re still not exactly sure when Mary Queen Of Scots will be released, but it should arrive towards the end of 2018 or in early 2019.

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