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Margot Robbie is working on her own Harley Quinn movie

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn

I, Tonya marks Margot Robbie’s first film as a producer, a role she has performed on the upcoming releases Terminal, Bad Monkeys, Marian, and Dreamland, too.

Robbie has now revealed that she has her sights set on sinking her teeth into the DCEU as a producer, too. In fact, during my discussion with Robbie the 27-year-old Australian actress revealed that she has been working on a Harley Quinn movie herself for quite some time. Unfortunately, though, Robbie still doesn’t know the next film that Harley Quinn will actually star in.

“I’ve been working on something myself for a while now. Whether that’s the next thing to get up and running, whether it is ‘Suicide Squad 2’, I’m not sure. The honest answer is we don’t know. All I know is that the studio and myself are working very hard to find any avenue for Harley to come to screen again.”

During my conversation with Robbie she also spoke about her desire to one day write and direct. When discussing how she got into producing, Robbie remarked, “I knew that I wanted to be a part of the filmmaking process in other ways. I knew that I wanted to write or direct or both, later down the track.”

That being said, there’s every chance that she might suddenly decide to take this plunge with the next Harley Quinn film, especially as she has already been announced as a producer on the proposed “Gotham City Sirens.”

That’s purely speculation at the moment. But the critical response to “I, Tonya” since it premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in September, and the fact that Robbie is being touted as a Best Actress Oscar contender, proves she has the creativity and eye to work in this capacity on a Harley Quinn film. Especially because her performance as the character was one of the high points of “Suicide Squad.”

It’s no wonder that Robbie hasn’t had a chance to figure out her next performance as Harley Quinn, though, as she told me she has been so busy that she hasn’t even seen the most recent installment to the DCEU “Justice League” yet.

But while we still don’t know what the film itself will be, we do actually have a vague idea of when the next Harley Quinn might be with us. As Robbie confirmed to me that everyone involved with the DCEU is trying their best to make sure that filming will take place in 2018.

“Everyone, I myself included, is working very hard to make sure that I will be wielding that baseball bat next year.”

Before then, though, make sure you check out “I, Tonya,” which features yet another sterling Robbie performance. “I, Tonya” will be released in New York on December 8, and will then be released across the rest of the U.S. into January. 

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