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MBTA survey wants to know more about riders’ late-night needs

A Bridj bus.

The MBTA is considering resurrecting late-night service, but first it wants to know more about the habits of would-be riders.

A 10-minute survey released Tuesday asks riders how often they travel between 1 and 5 a.m., and where they’re typically going—yes, it’s OK if you say the bar.

The survey also asks riders what they would consider to be a “convenient” wait time: 30, 40, 50 or 60 minutes? You decide.

The T canceled its late-night trains in February after a brief experiment with later service due to low ridership.

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Now, it is gauging interest in another late-night service venture with the help of Bridj, a Boston-based private transit company.

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Rather than trains, a partnership with Bridj would taxi riders using shuttle buses. In Boston, the city would get 10 vehicles for five hours a night, 365 nights of the year.

The catch is, commuters would need to use a smartphone to operate the Uber-like app that connects riders with nearby pickup locations and estimated wait times.

The survey will be on the MBTA’s website through Dec. 16 and it is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese. The MBTA’s Fiscal Management Control Board will use the data to decide whether to enter into a $1.55 million annual service contract with Bridj.

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