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Meet Earl the grumpy puppy, the internet’s newest obsession

A new animal curmudgeon has been thrown into the cold cold light of internet fame and his name is Earl the grumpy puppy.

Earl the grumpy dog, meet the internet. Internet, meet Earl the grumpy dog.

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Earl is a five month old little pup with serious underbite that makes him look like he’s frowning.

“He’s as healthy as any other puppy. He just looks grumpy because of his underbite, wrinkles, and dark complexion.” Earl’s owner told Yahoo News. “He is the most relaxed, content puppy either one of us has ever seen.”

Earl first gained internet fame when his picture was posted to Reddit. It was there that some redditors Earl commented and upvoted the grumpy pup to stardom.

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“This dog looks like he pays taxes” user grundo1561 wrote.

Earl may very well have to pay taxes, that is if his owner can parlay Earl’s internet fame into the movies, cups, t shirts and menagerie of junk that blossomed from Grumpy cat’s fame.

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