Metro Pet Halloween Costume Contest winners – Metro US

Metro Pet Halloween Costume Contest winners

Happy Meowalloween and Howloween to all you animals and animal lovers out there!

TheMetro Pet Halloween Costume Contest has selected its winners and these creatures put humans to shame.

In Boston, these”Breaking Bad” fans created their own “Barking Bad” version.

A pair of dogs dressed up as classic Greek myths won in NYC. The canines are no strangers to costumes, as their Instagram shows pic after pic of elaborate photo shoots.

Phoenix and Gryphon are dressed up as a classic Greek myth. Phoenix is Medusa, a terrifying Gorgon monster with living venomous snakes in place of hair, known for her power to turn onlookers to stone. Gryphon the soldier attempted to defeat Medusa, but despite his best efforts, was turned to stone by Medusa’s deathly gaze. These costumes were home-made and put together with various pieces of costumes, different objects, using all kinds of paints and materials. #MetroHalloweenNYC

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The Philly winneris a cat Captain Hook whoisnot afraid to take to the high seas.