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#METROMEME of the Week: The Monday Lisa

No matter who you are or what you do, Mondays can be rough on all of us. On the bright side however, dreading the beginning of another full work week does inspire some fantastic memes.

Instead of getting political, we’re channeling our artsy side today with the “Monday Lisa” as our #METROMEME of the week. We first spotted it on Instagram here:

#mondaylisa #teaching

A photo posted by nissaquill (@nissaquill) on

This sums up Mondays so well. Don’t you think?

Have a meme you’d like to share with us? You could be featured next week AND win a $25 gift card.

Memes can be your original work or one you’ve found floating around the Internet.
You can submit by posting it to Twitter with the hashtag #METROMEME or by emailing me with #METROMEME in the subject line.

The theme for this week will be: “When Tuesdays feel like Monday.” Good luck and looking forward to your submissions!

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