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Metro’s kind of free weekend: Can towers, German artwork, and cultural dance shows!

It’s that awkward time of the year between Halloween and Thanksgiving, warm and freezing, festive and ugh-so-totally-done-with-2014. Whether you’re saving up for a trip home on Thanksgiving or unwilling to splurge on anything besides mimosas at brunch Sunday morning, Metro is here with some cheap suggestions to get you through this “blah” time of the year—before the Holiday Spirit comes back to haunt us all.

All Weekend


Probably the coolest food drive ever,* Canstruction features 26 large-scale sculptures made by engineers and artists entirely out of food cans. The sculptures are entered into a contest boasting categories like “Most Cans” and “Best Use of Labels.” Past “People’s Choice” winners include a replica of the Jefferson Memorial made out of tuna cans. Visitors are encouraged (but not required) to donate at least one canned food item as price of entry, which will go towards feeding thousands of people around New York City.

*This is not a scientific evaluation, but we totally stand by it.

Brookfield Place Winter Garden. 220 Vesey St, Financial District. All weekend, 10:00am.

Price: Free Admission, with suggested donation of one canned food item.

House of Mute at Le Bain

This one’s a gem: free admission into a Meatpacking District club. On a Friday night. We know, we know—you’re welcome. Thank us by checking out the awesome House of Mute spinners, joined by musicians Cry Baby, Adam Collins, and Abraham Othwell, at Le Bain.

Le Bain. 444 W 13th St, Meatpacking District. Friday, 10:00pm.

Price: Free Admission


Live From Outer Space

If you’re feeling in need of a little humor to distract from the impending Season of Reunions (aka the holidays) that starts this month, look no further than right here. (Actually, finish the rest of the article. Then look no further.) Join comedians John F. O’Donnell, Ben Kronberg, and Erik Bergstrom at The Cobra Club on Friday night. Friday nights at the Cobra Club are generally great times to check out up-and-coming comedians based in New York. You know—for free.

The Cobra Club. 6 Wyckoff Avenue, Bushwick, NY. Friday, 9:00 pm.

Price: Free Admission


Iron Chic and Beach Slang Show

The Long Island-based band Iron Chic is hooking up with Beach Slang, a Philly-based group, for a series of shows at the Brooklyn Night Bazaar. This Saturday is the last chance to catch these two in New York!

Brooklyn Night Bazaar, 165 Banker St, Greenpoint. Saturday, 7:00pm-1:00am.

Price: Free Admission, but the average beer is $6.00. So, if you’re with a group and/or not averse to being tipsy on the G, it might behoove you to save some cash by pre-gaming at home. If you must.

Café Deutschland

Venture into the Upper East Side art scene without succumbing to the Museum Mile giants (that is, the Met and Guggenheim) and the hundreds of camera-bearing tourists they host. Instead, stop by Michael Werner to check out German artist’s Jörg Immendorf’s best-known series of paintings. Depicting different taverns, bistros, and clubs, this series seeks to draw parallels between Germany’s social atmospheres during World War II and the Cold War.

Michael Werner. 4 E 77th St. Saturday, 10:00am-6:00pm.

Price: Free Admission

Native Pride Dancers

The National Museum of the American Indian is starting its celebration of Native American Heritage month with a special performance. The Native Pride Dancers, who seek to honor and spread Native American culture and history through musical performance, will be putting on a special show this weekend.

National Museum of the American Indian. Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House, 1 Bowling Green, Financial District. Saturday, 1:00pm and 3:00pm.

Price: Free Admission

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