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MLS Red Bulls fans featured on special Red Bull cans

Some of the biggest Red Bulls fans are featured on this special-edition can. (Photo courtesy of Angelo Giuseppe Greco)
Red Bull the energy drink and the New York Red Bulls, the MLS team, finally have come together.
Talk about synergy.
This month, the Red Bulls unveiled a fan can, a limited edition can of the energy drink that features the supporters of their MLS team. The initiative blended (like a Red Bull vodka…hiyo!) for the first time the team’s biggest fans with the ownership behind the club.
The photo shoot took half a day and was held at Red Bull Arena. The photographer for the shoot was Ben Solomon.
One of those fans was Angelo Giuseppe Greco, a Clifton, N.J. native and a Red Bulls season ticket holder, said he was notified via email that the team wanted to use him for a shoot. Greco is a super fan, usually one of the first in the stadium and forever posting on the ‘New York Red Bulls Discussion Group’ on Facebook anytime the team is linked to a European superstar signing.
“Honestly it really means a lot,” Greco said. “It’s like we’re one big happy family and knowing that they care makes people want to come back and support the team each week home or away.”

While packaging for Red Bulls cans and pop-up in-store advertisements have been regulars in the New York and New Jersey market since the team was rebranded in 2006, this is the first time that the can itself has ever featured a design relating to the MLS team. The cans are 12 oz. and can be purchased individually throughout the tristate area starting last week.
The idea for the can came around a year ago when the team wanted to celebrate their fans, choosing the famous energy drink can as their canvas. The fans were selected through a curation process that involved determining the most dedicated supports – ones that are active members of fan clubs or season ticket holders or simply the most colorful.
The photoshoot for the can was held in February.

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