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Mondo Guerra is hosting Project Runway’s brand new companion series Runway Remake

Mondo Guerra

Whether you watch the show or not, many people have heard of the fashion-forward competition series Project Runway. The show premiered in 2005 and since then has amassed a  fiercely loyal fan base. Now, the wildly popular show has a companion series that will take fans out of their viewing seats and into their own creative world where they can truly be a part of the action in their own way. Mondo Guerra gave Metro the scoop on the brand new show. 

Mondo Guerra is hosting Project Runway’s brand new companion series Runway Remake 

Runway Remake will premiere with Project Runway (now back to its original home channel Bravo) on March 14 through NBCUniversal’s state-of-the-art digital lifestyle learning platform and streaming service Bluprint. There will be nine episodes of the brand new digital series and the Denver based streaming company got a familiar face to host the series- Project Runway All-Stars winner Mondo Guerra.

Guerra was thrilled to get the call about the new series, the 40-year-old was a fan favorite when on PR and was the first and most obvious choice to host this new companion series. “This is crazy because it happened very, very quickly. I knew ‘Project Runway’ was going to be coming back to Bravo, and I was very excited about it, but I hadn’t heard anything about the new show yet,” says Guerra. “I didn’t get a lot of information but it sounded like a fun project.”

Mondo Guerra

Although Guerra wasn’t sure what to expect for his new hosting gig, he had his priorities straight. “The first thing that I was worried about was my wardrobe. Being on camera, that was my first hurdle.”

Mondo Guerra is known for his incredible style, and although his designs didn’t win Project Runway the first time around on season 8, when he came back to the show for the All-Stars edition he came out on top. Now he has a new role to take on for the first time — hosting. 

“Going into the Bluprint Studios, I was very nervous,” says Guerra. “Hosting a show that is focused on creativity and also being a companion series of Project Runway, I knew I had a lot on my shoulders.”

The new series will showcase different DIY projects that mimic the challenges done on Project Runway. It gives viewers the chance to use their own inspirations from the show and make it into something completely personal and unique. “When viewers watch ‘Project Runway’ on Bravo and get inspired by the challenge they can go to Bluprint and watch the companion series and they can participate by doing the challenge themselves.”

Mondo Guerra

Bluprint is also debuting a DIY box on March 14, fans can purchase the box and take their creativity a step further. “The wonderful thing about creativity is that it’s great with a challenge, I love a challenge. The biggest relation with DIY versus Project Runway is the challenge. If you get this box and you make and sew your own garments- there’s no time limit” says Guerra. “On Project Runway you have ten hours to create a whole garment and present it to the judges. With the box, you can make this garment on your own time as you want to and as you like — and the best part is no one is judging you.”

The series will be available on Bluprint’s website and also through an all-new mobile app. The challenges and DIY magic each week will surely inspire many to get up and get creating. “I think that no matter what you do whether you’re a sewist or a crafter or a cake maker- it’s all relative. It’s fun to see how people share and celebrate creativity,” says Guerra. “All the episodes of ‘Runway Remake’ re-interpret the ‘Project Runway’ design challenges into their own craft and tutorials, eventually presenting DIY projects. It’s very exciting, I can’t really tell you the challenges because well, what do they call it? Spoilers?”

Runway Remake will premiere on Bluprint alongside Project Runway on Bravo on March 14

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