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More baby name suggestions for Kim and Kanye’s impending son

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Since Kim Kardashian decided to let loose on Twitter about the fact that her and Kanye West’s next baby is going to be a boy, I thought I might as well update the list of prospective baby names I’ve so generously offered up to the happy couple. (What can I say? I’m a giver.) Clearly some of the earlier entries would only make sense for a daughter — like Hillary Rodham or Baby™ — but I still stand by Kim Jr. as the best option. Just in case Kim and Kanye disagree, here are some alternatives:

1. North 2 West
2. Slanket West
3. Bruce West
4. Mini Kanye West
5. Verizon Wireless Presents Baby West
6. Cornell West
7. The North Remembers West
8. Writers Guild of America West
9. The Right Honorable Cornelius Humphrey West, the Fourth
10. Vuitton West

What do you think? Any of those doing it for you? If you’ve got suggestions of your own, I’m all ears.

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