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Netflix gets all WTF when views drop during the eclipse


The solar eclipse was awesome, right? Whether you saw the Bonnie Tyler version or just a partial, the event brought people peacefully outside together. Well, while you were not staring directly into the sun without proper eye protection like the leader of the free world, you forgot about someone.


According to the streaming platform, plays dropped 10 percent on Monday.

“Hey, just wondering why 10% of you chose to watch a giant rock cover a giant ball of gas when I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THERE FOR YOU,” Netflix US tweeted, following up with “but really, there was a 10% drop in plays during the eclipse today. Well played, Moon.”

Yes, moon. Well played.

Netflix, you’re acting like a thirsty ex, but you do have a point. You are always there for us. You’re our rock.

The eclipse even had the gall to compare itself to the Super Bowl… it would have, if it could talk. Facebook has mouths that work for it and they told Hollywood Reporter that posts about the celestial event eclipsed posts about the Super Bowl.

More than 66 million people shared eclipse-related material on Facebook, resulting in 240 million interactions. Losing by about the same amount Hillary Clinton lost the election, 64 million people shared Super Bowl-related material earlier this year.

Facebook Live was a big winner and at one point, NASA’s feed had half a million simultaneous viewers.

The biggest winners? Those who took time from their day to join their fellow man in wonder and awe of our tiny place in the universe.

“The divided United States of America will unite today, sharing a cosmic event predicted by the methods and tools of science,” Neil deGrasse Tyson tweeted.

Well said, sir.