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Netflix sells weed customized to 12 of its shows


This weekend, “Netflix and chill” went literal: The streaming giant sold marijuana varieties customized to partake while watching their biggest shows.

The “Netflix collection” was announced last weekend, and it’s being sold in a popup shop in West Hollywood in collaboration with Alternative Herbal Health Services; Californians with medicinal marijuana cards can indulge. It’s a promo for the new show Disjointed, which stars Kathy Bates as a middle-aged woman who opens her own marijuana dispensary.

Says Variety of Netflix’s press release: “Each strain was cultivated with the specific shows in mind, designed to complement each title based on their tone. For example, sillier shows may be more indica dominant, while dramedies will be more sativa dominant to help the more powerful scenes resonate.” Some of the shows referenced include Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later, Bojack Horseman, Chelsea, Grace and Frankie, Lady Dynamite, Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Santa Clarita Diet.

Indica strains were chosen to pair with lighter shows and sativa strains for more aggressive-feeling shows, reports Adweek.

Among the oft-punny offerings: Banana Stand Kush, designed for “big yellow joint,” for Arrested Development; Camp Firewood, “a very chill indica,” for Wet Hot American Summer; Vodkush for Chelsea; Peyotea 73, “an uplifting sativa hybrid,” for Grace & Frankie; and — wait for it — Poussey Riot, “for kicking it with somebody, talking, making mad stupid jokes” named after the standout character on Orange Is the New Black.

Netflix says it is not profiting from the sales.

“It was essentially a no-brainer to create a pop-up that truly distributed marijuana that we would curate,” said Jonathan Santoro of Carrot, the advertising agency behind the stunt.

Santoro emphasizes that Netflix didn’t technically sell weed, nor physically harvest it, says Jonathan Santoro, executive creative director of Carrot. Netflix partnered with the dispensary and cleared the idea with the state of California and the city of West Hollywood.

The dispensary sold 27 pounds of Netflix pot over the weekend, Adweek reports.

Disjointed, a comedy by Big Bang Theory creator Chuck Lorre, debuted last Friday.