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New England resort from ‘The Bachelor Winter Games’ ordered to shut down

The Bachelor Winter Games Resort

A luxury ski resort in New England that served as the backdrop for “The Bachelor Winter Games” is in some hot water.

The Hermitage Club, located in Wilmington, Vermont, has been ordered to shut down, according to the Associated Press.  The private club is being asked to close its doors because it missed a tax payment to the Green Mountian State and won’t be allowed to reopen until the debt is paid.

A Hermitage Club spokesperson told the AP that the resort is “working diligently to secure the funds” so that they can open in time for the weekend.

The members-only club has been embroiled in a bit of financial turmoil, as the AP’s report states that they had to lay off around 80 employees recently, and the property ownders owe over $1 million in back taxes, among other issues.

“The Bachelor Winter Games”

“The Bachelor Winter Games,” a spin-off of the main reality series for ABC, filmed all four of its episodes at the swanky New England club. The competition series aired opposite last month’s Winter Olympics.

Contestant Luke Pell told Metro that he enjoyed filming in Vermont, even though he’s more of a warm weather fan.

“The snowy mountains and the log cabin is not a bad situation, but I’m more of a beach guy,” Pell said. “I love the sand I love the palm trees.”

Host Chris Harrison told the Hollywood Reporter that he thinks the spin-off could become an annual event for “The Bachelor.”

“It may be some of the best television we’ve ever produced,” Harrison told THR. “Which scares me because now, instead of a one-off, we might be doing this every winter now.”