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New Magazine Aims To Inspire Young Girls

New Magazine Aims To Inspire Young Girls

Erin Bried, editor-in-chief of new girls’ magazine “Kazoo,” was frustrated when she went to pick out a magazine to read with her five-year old daughter. The titles geared towards young girls focused mostly on beauty tips, and featured pictures of princesses and dolls. With her nearly two decades’ worth of editorial experience at Condé Nast, Bried decided to create her own magazine— with the help of her two daughters, the magazine’s “Teeny and Tiny Editors”— that inspires girls to be smart, strong and true to themselves.

“I know we can do better for our girls. In fact, we must, because this sort of messaging that we see in the media (and in the toy aisles)— that there’s only one right way for a girl to be— has real and negative consequences,” said Bried.

After coming up with the idea, Bried launched a Kickstarter campaign that quickly became the highest funded journalism campaign in Kickstarter’s history. Stuffed with colorful illustrations, features on famous women scientists and artists, recipes and comics, the magazine’s first issue is a testament to Bried’s goals. Each and every page contains activities and articles that inspire girls to ask questions, be creative and engage their minds. One two-page spread features an kid-friendly interview with a female cosmochemist, followed by instructions to create a DIY portable planetarium and tips about how to get the most out of stargazing. As for the name of the magazine?

“The beauty of the kazoo is that everybody already has what it takes to play one. Just breathe, and its loud, happy sound comes automatically,” said Bried. “I want girls to feel the same way about their own voice— that they already have everything it takes to use it.”

“Kazoo” will be officially launched nationwide this fall for anyone ready to grab a kazoo,make some noise and join the band.