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New survey tries to shame Americans for not traveling more

New survey tries to shame Americans for not traveling more

Hostelworld.com has released a new report that puts the spotlight on Americans for not traveling abroad enough.
“While the United States is the 4th most visited nation in the globe and 2nd most desired to visit by travelers, a Hostelworld Global Traveler Report reveals the average American adult is less “worldly,” as compared to their international counterparts.” Hostelworld wrote in a press release.
What are the most visited nations? Here’s the list:
1. U.K.
2. Germany
3. Australia
4. France
5. United States
6. South Korea
7. Brazil
The report points out that cost is the biggest reason why Americans don’t travel as much as their international friends. But what they don’t account for is a little thing called geographical distance.
“While the average UK resident has visited 10 countries, Germans have visited on average eight nations and the French five,” Hostel World wrote in a press release. The average American has been to just three nations, and nearly one-third (29%) of American adults have NEVER been abroad.”
England and Germany are basically next door neighbors to a whole bunch of countries, and are 1/50th the size of the entire United States. For those countries, visiting another country is about as easy as it is for an American driving or taking a train to another state.
That’s unfair. What are America’s two neighbor nations? Mexico and Canada. It makes total sense that Americans would only visit an average of two other countries.

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