432 Park Avenue, the towering Rubik’s Cube of Manhattan’s skyline has marketed itself as a record breaker, and a new infographic from CityRealtyhas certainly confirmed that.

Seated on East 57th street, otherwise known as billionaires row, 432 Park Avenue is officially the third tallest building in the United States and the number one tallest residential tower in the Western Hemisphere.

The World Trade Center stands at a symbolic 1776 feet tall, 432 Park Avenue stands at 1396 feet. If one doesn’t count the World Trade Center’s Spire, 432 Park Avenue is technically taller, acording to ABC New York.

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According to the infographic, 432 Park Avenue is projected to sell $3.1 billion in sales and has at this point reportedly only sold $170 million.

The saddest bit of trivia about 432 Park Avenue?

“The average price of a Manhattan apartment is $2 million which means the average buyer [at 432 Park Avenue] could buy 10 apartments for the price of one unit,” the infographic explains.


Take a look at the full infographic below:

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