The knife police recovered at the scene.


Police shot a man “brandishing” a knife on Wednesday evening after other measures failed to subdue him, NYPD officials said.


The suspect has been identified as 19-year-old Shemel Jones.


After verbal commands and pepper spray, Jones did not drop the 12-inch with a 7-inch blade knife, NYPD said. An officer shot Jones once in the lower back, according to NPYD, and he has been taken to Lincoln hospital in critical condition where he is undergoing surgery.


Officers responded to a 911 call on a man beating up a woman on Wednesday evening. When the officers arrived at 7:15 p.m., a woman with visible injuries to her face approached the car near the intersection of Westchester Street and Tiffany Avenue in Hunts Point and told officers that her boyfriend had beaten her up.


The victim canvassed with officers and was able to point out Jones, who then ducked into 877 Intervale Ave. Three officers and a lieutenant followed and were let in by another man in the apartment.


Police said they saw Jones in the kitchen “brandishing” a large knife – 12-inches long with a 7-inch blade.

Police said they asked Jones to put down the knife, but he would not comply. The lieutenant pepper sprayed Jones, but Jones continued to advance on the officers, according to NYPD reports.

That’s when one of the officers shot the suspect in the lower back.

Officials said an additional 911 call from someone inside the apartment supports the officers' claim that Jones advanced toward them with a knife in hand.

The officers involved were taken to hospitals to be evaluated but were not physically injured.