Travel along major highways is expected to be affected by the heavy snow.

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Temperatures are expected to soar into the 60s on Wednesday, but don't talk smack on Punxsutawney Philjust yet, because things might take a turn for the snowy.

A winter storm is expected on to begin Wednesday night, and although the course isn't certain, AccuWeather expects the squall to "snarl travel from DC to New York City and Boston," as it continues into Thursday.

"The wet, clinging nature of the snow will weigh down tree limbs and could lead to sporadic power outages," AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Henry Margusity said.

Philadelphia, New York City and Boston are among the major cities that could be most affected.


"It looks like the cold air will come in fast enough and the storm will strengthen enough to produce a swath of heavy, wet and accumulating snow from the mountains of northern Virginia and West Virginia to central and southeastern New England,"AccuWeather meteorologist Mike Doll said.

Unless the storm changes its track,the borders of West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia up to eastern Massachusetts and the Maine coast can expect three to sixinches of snow.

Six to 12 inches "is possible" from northern New Jersey, the Lower Hudson Valley andportions of Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

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