News worth knowing while it wasn’t really snowing… – Metro US

News worth knowing while it wasn’t really snowing…

News worth knowing while it wasn’t really snowing…
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While you slept off your disappointment that you didn’t get to build a snowman yesterday , Apple celebrated record profits.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un planned a trip to Russia, while the U.S. planned to threaten Russia with tougher sanctions and ISIS threatened to kill two hostages. Two ex-Vanderbilt footballers awaited trial after two others were convicted of rape.

Apple scores historic profits

Wishing you had invested in Apple a decade ago? Probably. The world’s most valuable company announced monumental profits, the biggest ever for a corporate company. Mega sales of iPhones in China and ahead of the holidays were credited for the astounding results.

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Kim Jong Un scheduled his first foreign trip

North Korea’s leader is set to join Russian leaders in May for their celebrations of the victory over German forces in World War II. It’s the first time the dictator has traveled abroad for business. Some are suprised that he’s visiting Russia ahead of China, the country’s key ally.

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The mother of Japan’s ISIS hostage pleaded for his release

Militants holding a Japanese reporter and Jordanian pilot hostage are threatening to kill them within 24 hours unless Jordan releases an Iraqui woman prisoner, charged with her role in a suicide bomb attack.Kenji Goto’s mother pleaded with the Japanese PM to secure his release after he was shown in a video.

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Two ex-Vanderbilt footballers awaited trial for rape after their friends were convicted

Two of the four former Vanderbilt players involved in the dorm rape of a female student were found guilty, and two others are still set to stand trial. Their despicable behavior was caught on video and used as evidence.

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U.S. officials got involved in the Ukraine conflict

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew offered loans worth $2bn to war-torn Ukraine, while threatening to step up sanctions on Russia if they refused to stop supporting separatists fighting Ukraine forces in the country’s east.

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