The 1@1 video is available on YouTube in Spanish, Chinese and other languages.Aly Pal/YouTube

If you want to participate in a protest, but can’t get to Washington D.C. or don’t live in New York, Philadelphia, Boston or another big city, 1@1 National Minute of Silence for Women's Equality is an action you can join wherever you are on Jan. 21.

The event has partnered with feminist organizer Gloria Steinem and invites women across America “to form a symbolic Wall of Women” “to stand up for equality in one minute of silent solidarity” the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration at 1 p.m. ET.

A live countdown and remarks from Steinem will be live streamed on YouTube and the 1@1 app. The song“Rise” by Bettyis the cue for the moment of silence.


The idea was "created to unite all women on the day of the Women's Marches in Washington and Nationwide, who cannot attend for various reasons -— care givers, cashiers, cops and others who must work, women who aren't at liberty for fear of reprisal, the incarcerated, the ill — to allow us to stand together and take action as one,” event organizers wrote.


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