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Candles have been used for centuries to illuminate rooms without electricity. Now they canrun an LED lamp, thanks to the research of a South Korean company.

Lumir Inc. is developing the device Lumir C, a small lamp that can convert the heat emitted by a candle into electricity and light. Gonzo Yoon, a member of the Lumir Inc. team explains that they wanted to create a practical and easy lighting that is accessible to everyone.

What is the story behind this lamp? Why did you decideto develop it?

When Jay, the founder, was traveling in India in 2014, he was shocked to find out that blackouts are so frequent and that the vast majority living in the rural regions of India and the Philippines still lack regular access to electricity. They still rely on the candle light to brighten their home, but it is not sufficient to lead an everyday life. We wanted to create a practical and easy lighting which is accessible to everyone. So, we took a candle as a core source for the product, Lumir C.


What is the objective of creating an electric lamp powered by a candle?

To have a long living product. Unlike batteries used in portable lamp, candles don’t lose their charge with age. Also, to have easy access. You do not need to look for outlets; candles are easily found.Lumir C, a lighthouse shaped lamp, presents a comfortable mood. It is a perfect combination of LED and a candlelight, givingyou a whole new experience.

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How can a candle power an electric lamp? How does the device work?

Lumir C turns a tealight's heat into electrical light. The heat from the flame rises into the device, where the temperature difference between hot and cool air generates thermoelectricity. Plus, our own patented technology stabilizes the power supplyso you can enjoy Lumir C without any flickering.

How long does the LED last with one tea light?

Normally, it provides 4-5 hours of LED light per tealight.Placing Lumir C over a tealight never makes the tealight burn itself up quicker. Therefore, the LED light will continue to illuminate your room as long as the candle is burning.

What applications can have this lamp? In what situations it can be used?

Lumir C comes in two types, 'mood' and 'spot'.Lumir C Mood generates an ambient glow so that it creates a soft atmosphere around you and makes you feel relaxed.Lumir C Spot helps you read books or magazines with an adjustable beam of light.It will be a perfect home decor that adds ambience in your bedroom, kitchenor living room. Even outside, wind will not able to spoil the romantic atmosphere by blowing out the candle becauseit also servesas a windbreak. Not to mention its usage as an emergency light.

What is the meaning of “Lumir”? Why did you choose that name?

Our company name Lumir, is derived from'lumi'meaning the light and 'mir'meaning the world. We chose this name since we wanted to accomplish a goal to light up the world with our technology.

When do you plan to launch this product to the market and at what price?

Actually, we launched our Lumir C on Kickstarter.We are planning a global launch of Lumir C to the market when all of the Kickstarter delivery is completed. We suppose it to be in July this year. It is expected to be $99.